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When Is It Time For A Brake Repair?

May 12, 2020 Comments Off on When Is It Time For A Brake Repair? Brake Blog 14,653 Total Views  

When needing new brakes, sometimes it can be obvious while other times it is not. Regardless,  your brakes are a crucial function for your car and safety. So when is it really time for new brake pads? Here are some warning signs that you may need a brake service: Noise– squealing or screeching. This is

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Anti-lock Braking System Maintenance

Sep 5, 2014 Comments Off on Anti-lock Braking System Maintenance Brake Blog 41,300 Total Views  

Before the anti-lock braking system, often referred to as ABS, drivers had to manually pump their brakes as fast as possible when they needed to stop quickly to prevent the brakes from overheating and seizing up. The anti-lock braking system wasn’t brought to consumer vehicles until the 1970’s, and wasn’t standard on new vehicles until

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