Common Brake Problems

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The braking system on a car, truck, van, or any vehicle is very complex. To safely stop a moving vehicle that is going 30 mph or 70 mph requires each part of the braking system to be functioning properly. Eventually, brake service will need to be done on one or more of the parts, and when that time comes, drivers in Dallas know it’s time for brake repair service.

The most common brake problems for DFW drivers:

Brake pedal – having to press down very hard or to the floor to stop

  • Low or contaminated brake fluid
  • Worn brake pads
  • Air in the brake fluid

Brake pedal – too firm

  • Brake line/vacuum obstruction

Soft or weak brakes

  • Low or contaminated brake fluid
  • Worn brake pads

Brakes pulling or grabbing

  • Bad brake discs
  • Worn or bad brake pads

Pedal vibration

  • Bad brake pads/discs
  • Vehicle alignment is off
  • Worn front suspension

Screeching or whining while braking

  • Brake pads are worn or vibrating

Brakes making a clunking sound

  • Loose parts in the breaking system
  • Broken or worn suspension components

Due to the complexity of a vehicle’s braking system, including luxury vehicles, it can be very difficult to determine what brake parts need to be fixed or replaced. It also can be very difficult to schedule a brake service appointment at a repair shop or dealership during the busy days with work, school, kids, and activities; in many cases it might not even be safe to drive a vehicle to have brake repairs performed when the brakes aren’t working properly. That is where Stop-on-a-Dime’s mobile brake repair takes stress off every Dallas driver, because we will come to you!

With mobile brake service from Stop-on-a-Dime, Dallas drivers can skip the stressful process of trying to diagnose their vehicle’s brake problems, scheduling an appointment, skipping work and waiting all day, and overpaying. A dealership or repair shop will probably do an okay break repair job, but they are overpriced and usually try to perform unnecessary work. We provide ASE certified brake repair at competitive prices; we won’t overcharge or take time out of your day, because we’re mobile, we come to you!

Our certified brake technicians will come to your home or work; they are also very professional and experienced in performing Mercedes brake repair and BMW brake repair. Stop-on-a-Dime’s mobile brake service customers have been owners of all types of domestic and foreign vehicles. No matter the make, model, or year we guarantee to provide you mobile brake repair at competitive rates with the unparalleled reliability of any brake service shop. Never worry if you need emergency brake repair and don’t have enough cash on hand, we accept all major credit cards, so we can still get you back on the road in no time. Stop putting off those brake repairs and relieve your stress and fill out our brake diagnostic form or just give us a call!

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