The Most Common Kinds of Brake Repair

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Your brakes are more than just what you see when you look down at the pedal. Your brakes are rather complicated and have a lot of moving parts to them. Thus, there are many kinds of repair your brakes may need that go beyond simple replacement. The mechanics at Dallas Brakes are more than happy to explain in better detail as we perform the car brake repairs your vehicle requires. Here are some common types of brake repairs that your vehicle may need at some point in its life.


Shoe replacement: Most experts recommend that your brake shoes be replaced every 20,000 miles or so. The shoes are a crucial part of your entire braking system. It is recommended that you check the piece that sticks out from your brake pad to determine the condition of your pads.

Brake line replacement: Brake lines carry the fluid from your master cylinder through to the rest of your brake system. It is necessary that they remain clear and well serviced, since even a small hole in your lines can allow for contamination. If you develop a large hole in your brake lines they may need to be replaced completely. You will be able to determine whether or not you have faulty lines when braking becomes difficult. 

Bleeding the brake lines: Another procedure that may be necessary to maintain the integrity of your braking system is brake line “bleeding.” This is when excess air is removed from your brake line. This is sometimes necessary since even small amounts of air can become trapped inside your brake line reducing the effectiveness of your brakes. 

Replace or upgrade brake parts: Of course, sometimes it may be necessary to replace parts of your braking system to ensure your safety. This is because time, heat and excessive braking can cause certain parts to become less effective. The good news is that when upgrading or replacing your brake parts becomes necessary, we will explain to you in detail why the change is needed.

Master cylinder servicing or replacement: Truthfully, master cylinders rarely need to be completely replaced since they are designed to last the entire life of your automobile. However, that does not mean that they do not need to be serviced from time to time.

The professionals at Dallas Brakes would be more than happy to explain what a certain part does and why you need it. Our experts can put your mind at ease as we perform any of the car brake repairs your vehicle needs. For luxury vehicle brake repair in Dallas, TX see us first. 

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