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How to Extend the Life of Your Brakes

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Regular brake repair in Dallas is a must to maintain the safety of your car, truck, or van. But to avoid having them serviced more often than necessary, there are steps you can take to care for your brakes between service. The brakes are the most important safety system your vehicle is equipped with, which is why you should take care of them not only when it is time to replace them, but while they are in good condition too.

Regular brake repair is inevitable because the brake system parts including pads, shoes, rotors, drums, and sometimes calipers are known to be normal wear components by car manufacturing companies. Therefore, replacing these items will be required no matter what brand make or model you drive. Although this is all part of vehicle maintenance, there are some simple steps you can take to get the most out of the braking system on your car, truck, or van.

How to extend the life of your Brakes? The five simple steps:

  1. Have your vehicle, including brakes, inspected regularly. On average, it is good to have your entire vehicle inspected annually. If you drive more frequently than most, then you might want to have your vehicle inspected every six months.
  2. Periodically have your braking system flushed. Because your brake fluid is under a lot of pressure, overtime it can become oxidized and/or contaminated. If your brake fluid is older, the moisture content of the fluid will be higher. More importantly, brake fluid that is contaminated can contribute to the failure of the hydraulic system parts like the wheel cylinders and calipers. To avoid these dangerous brake issues and ensure maximum braking performance, your braking system fluid needs to be flushed regularly and replaced with new, clean brake fluid, which compresses better and increases your brake system’s efficiency.
  3. Don’t tailgate when you’re driving. When you continually have to harshly apply the brakes to avoid hitting the car in front of you, you cause a lot more friction, which creates an excessive amount of heat to build up; this heat buildup can warp the brake drums and rotors. Constant harsh breaking, which also causes a lot more friction, will cause brake pads and rotors to wear away much faster; this will require you to need brake repair more often.
  4. Slow down a bit and take it easy. Not only is it safer, but when you allow more stopping distance you will be able to ease the brakes as you come to a complete stop. By doing this, you won’t cause as much friction and heat buildup and will be able to stop your car without working your brakes as hard. Coast… The more coasting you do before pressing the brakes, the longer your brakes will last, which will extend the life of your brakes.
  5. Always use high-quality parts or OEM parts when having brake repair service on your vehicle. If you don’t use OEM parts, at least use parts that meet your car manufacturer’s quality standards.
When it is time for service, call 972.965.6827 or complete our simple brake diagnostic form and we will provide brake repair in Dallas, Irving, McKinney, Uptown, Richardson, and everywhere in between. Let your next brake service come to you with mobile brake repair from Stop on a Dime.

As your Dallas brake repair expert, the Stop on a Dime brake technicians can provide a brake inspection to help you extent the life of your brakes. When it is time for service, they will provide your vehicle with parts that meet your vehicle’s standards, and when necessary, they can also flush your brake system and replace it with fresh clean brake fluid that will maximize your brake efficiency. Save time and money by following these five steps on how to extend the life of your brakes; when you do need service, count on Stop on a Dime that will bring Dallas brake repair to you with our mobile brake repair services.

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