Reasons Your Car’s Brakes May be Squeaking

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Any noise your car makes out of the ordinary can be alarming. Perhaps the most troubling sound is that of squeaking brakes. However, not all squeaking brake noises are cause for alarm. Sometimes, brakes squeak simply due to mere physics. Even so, you need to know when squealing indicates a serious problem that should be addressed immediately. If you’re noticing a squeaking sound coming from your vehicle’s brakes, here are a few reasons this may be.

Innocuous Reasons Brakes Get Noisy or Squeak

As we said, squeaking brakes do not always mean that your car is in serious need of repair. There are some perfectly harmless reasons why your brakes may on occasion squeak or get noisy. These reasons include:

  • Dust, sand and, other contaminants
  • Weather, especially cold weather
  • Snow, rain, or high water 
  • Heavy loads 
  • Strain from steep or long downhill drives 
  • Semi-metallic brake pads

Not so Harmless Reasons Brakes Get Noisy or Squeak

Sometimes brakes squeak do indicate that they are in need of repair or replacement. These reasons include:

  • Worn brake pads: A squeaking sound, especially in an older vehicle, may be an indication that the brake pads are beginning to wear out. In this case, the squeaking will be more constant and indicates that you are about to damage your rotor. 
  • Rusted brake rotor: Brake rotors can lose their smoothness over time. This is a very common cause of squeaking brakes. The squeaking in this case is often caused by rust or other debris. Usually, a mechanic can file off the excess rust or dirt if it is not too bad. 
  • Braking hard: Sometimes it is necessary to slam on the brakes to avoid having an accident. However, if you are someone who regularly slams on the brakes when a smooth easy stop will do, then you could be causing your brakes long term damage.

Overall, squeaking brakes means that it is time for your vehicle to be inspected and serviced. When your car’s brakes aren’t performing at their best, the risks can be extremely high for you, your passengers and others on the road. Visit our expert service department here at Dallas Brakes to set up an appointment to have our brake repair and service. Our luxury vehicle brake repair specialists can have your brake system running smoothly and quietly.  

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