Female Friendly Brake Service!

Female Friendly Brake Service!

Stop on a Dime Mobile Brake Service

Nothing gets us madder than the thought of a brake repair shop taking advantage of women! We have heard plenty of stories about the BS some of these shysters have tried to pull off on the girls in our lives. We don’t think a lady should have to ask her husband, father or guy friend to tag along to ensure a fair shake on brake service. Being a company that is all about convenience, how inconvenient is that?

We are committed to taking the stress and confusion out of your brake service experience. Here are some of the things we do to that end:

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Our brake problem questionnaire is not gender specific or technical.

It’s about what you hear and feel while driving your car

Our estimates are based on maximum charges.

We tell you the most we would charge for specific services. If when we arrive we find that quoted services are not required we will NOT install parts unnecessarily and will charge you less. Really.

Our service writer is trained to inform first and sell second

We believe that an informed customer is our best customer. We want to make sure that you understand what we are quoting. We are trained to explain how brakes work and what makes them wear out in simple terms.

Our mechanics are the face of our company.

They are uniformed, pretty darn clean for a mechanic and are as skilled at customer service as they are at turning a wrench. They have passed drug and background checks. All of our company owned vehicles are tracked by GPS so we always know where our mechanics are.

True Story:

A busy mom called during nap time to tell us about her mini van making horrible grinding noises. We sent an estimate and explained how the service works. She booked her appointment. When we knocked on her door all we heard was kids screaming and dogs barking. Mom cracked the door slightly, and passed the keys through the narrow opening. Her brakes were promptly repaired and the keys passed back through the same narrow opening. Mom called at nap time to settle her bill, thrilled with the service. The thought of taking the car to a brake repair shop with her young kids was too much for her to imagine!
We do these things because we know that girls like to talk. We want them to tell all their friends about Stop on a Dime!