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Today’s Hi-Line luxury auto brands innovate on the race track; winning endurance events means brake changes are measured in minutes, not hours.

The truth is that brake systems on luxury vehicles are designed to be serviced easily.

What is most important is the quality of the parts that are installed. The dealer does NOT have a monopoly on the brakes that are installed at the factory. In fact, automobile manufacturers do not make brake components, they source them from approved suppliers. Most approve multiple suppliers to ensure uninterrupted supply and to keep costs contained.

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When servicing the brakes on your luxury high performance car insist that at minimum OES (original equipment supplier) parts are installed. There are choices that exceed the original equipment in terms of brake performance, the amount of noise and dust they produce. In some cases the longest lasting brake part may not provide the highest performance. Discuss your driving habits with your brake service adviser. Ask us about matching parts to your driving style.

The dealer will generally NOT offer options on brake rotor and pad combinations.

True Story:

A busy attorney called, unable to find time to get her Mercedes to the dealer when the brake wear sensor lit up her dash. We showed up at her firm the next morning, finished her brakes in about an hour. When she called to settle her bill, which was about half of what the dealer wanted, she laughed. When asked what was so funny she said “I made money on your brake job!” You see she never had to leave her case, and instead of taking hours or more of her billable time off to take her car in she just kept on doing what she does while we did what we do!